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Unreal Engine 3 Footage

Yesterday, two incredible Unreal Engine 3 related videos appeared (directly from the E3) - the Gears of War Trailer (a XBox 360 exclusive title) and Unreal Tournament 2007 Tech Demo on PS3. Quite amazing graphics, if you can, go and get the high-res trailers, they're both worth the download. Gonna add some more today evening, in the meantime, watch those videos :)

Some small updates

Finally got some time to update the blog again. I think the new header image is a bit better than the old one, less distracting colors :) I've ordered yet another book again, "Design Patterns", wondering how long the shipping will take (I've ordered via SuperBookDeals and they need usually around two weeks). For those of you who didn't notice it: A few days ago, EpicGames purchased the Reality Engine. Seems like they don't like competition at all ... Anyway, I see this as a chance for other developers - there is surely some demand for an affordable 3D engine. On the other hand, I also see a development towards a state where there will be maybe three major engines everyone will use, in different price categories (like UE3 Pro, Enterprise and Light), and that's a direction I don't like at all.


After a week away, first thing I did when I came back was to look for some updates (drivers, etc.) and while during that, I discovered two interesting web pages. First of all, I've switched to a new visual style from Studio28. Excellent work, finally something else than the "Metallic Shades" style I've been using for years. Second, I found out that the Athlon 64's Cool'n'Quiet technology needs a driver in order to work under WindowsXP. It can be found here and slows down my 3500+ (2.2 clock) to 1.8 and 1 depending on system load. AMD should inform people better about what features of their processor needs drivers, as they did with the NX/XD bit and SP2.

Getting on

Finally got some time to continue my work on the bugtracker. I'm trying to finish off some of the larger parts before I have to leave for a week, so a friend of mine can take over development without having to fix stuff that I've broken.


I've started adding documentation that can be parsed by PHP Documentor. Too bad I didn't start with proper documentation from the beginning, now, it took me around 4 hours just to document the core stuff in the API :( Next time, I'm gonna add high-level documentation from the beginning. Though I had lots of comments scattered inside functions, comments that describe what a function is supposed to do are really priceless when you want to enable other people to understand your code.


This week, I played and finished Star Wars:Republic Commando. Pretty boring, bad graphics and it took me just 5 hours to finish it (without cheating or a walkthrough). Just another FPS shooter without a story and any real highlight in the game. Wondering why publishers still release such games, I doubt that if I would have made the same game with a few friend I could find a publisher who would like it. Anyway, in the last few years, there have been very few FPS I really liked to play. Most of them are either graphics demos or plain shoot`em`ups, without any kind of story or let alone an environment that sucks you in (a great exception to this rule is Doom³, scary). Let's see what the future will bring, for now, I'll stick to my Quake3 and CS:S, old, but excellent game design :)

Some little progress

The first clean up round is over: The JScript base/sub select stuff is now in a separate template file, and accessed using the Utility class. The overview page can now show all bugs for a given project. Tomorrow, I'll take a look at the bug edit page, don't think it'll take too long as the select JScript is already separated and ready to use.