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niven ported to x64

Just finished porting niven to x64, a few warnings were left (size_t is not an uint :) ), but I'm done now. Hooray!

nivenBuild on x64

nivenCore on x64

Since today, nivenCore works properly on x64, just tested, the unit-tests ran fine (tested on Windows Vista x64). Took me a while to recompile boost-1.33.1 for x64 (using the vc-8_0-amd64) toolset, but it was worth it :) Python 2.5 works, too, there is even a native x64 release on their page.

[Update] Added screenshot:

nivenCore on x64

New desktop wallpaper

A premier on my desktop - for the first time, a German car got the space, after various other desktop motives. I'm rather picky about my desktops, but this picture has something that I really like. The car itself is a 2007 Mercedes Benz CL63 AMG with a 6.3 litre, naturally aspirated V8 engine. I could not find a decent picture of the more impressive 6.0 litre, Biturbo V12 powered "stock" CL600. Take a look for yourself at

C-warning discovered

When compiling C-Code like the following example with VC++ 8.0 SP1:

c int main (int argc, char* argv[]) { int i = 3; i = some_api_call (); int j = some_other_call (); return 0; } you get a C2275 warning which says something about illegal use of a type. Well, not really, it's just you violated the C rule of mixing variables and code - you should have defined the int j before calling a function. Took me a while to spot it cause I thought I'm in C99 mode by default with VC++ 8.0.

[Update] Fixed typo