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niven on its way to x64 support

Before writing the renderer, I thought it might be a good chance to clean up the current build system and introduce x64 support. So far, only the external libs work (UnitTest++ and TinyXML). I hope to get a chance today to update the five niven libraries and two executables today. As soon as Boost 1.34 gets out (which is supposed to be supported on x64) I'll probably switch one of my dev platforms completely over to x64.


As suggested by Philipp some time ago, I've written today a small todo planer (called VPlan for "verplant"). Really helps me schedule my time more efficiently. I wrote it in C# in roughly three hours (bear in mind that this is my 2nd C# program), which is faster than I expected. As soon as it matures a bit I'm going to release it here on my blog.

Java is Open Source now, and I've stopped some side projects

Today, Java has been released under the GPL 2. Most of it is written in Java (including the compiler and the VM), and it looks quite interesting. Some bad news, too: I've stopped some side projects, including a redesign of the page and some other unrelated stuff. I've got simply no time to spend on them, my studies and work take too much time currently and I don't want to risk them because of less important projects.