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New blog style

I'm working a new blog style. Please report any problems you encounter!

Blog style until June 2010

Right now, there are some issues with Opera and Chrome, while Firefox 3.6 works correctly. For the best viewing experience, please try Firefox for the time being while I iron out the issues with Chrome/Opera. [Update]I think I've fixed the issues with Chrome.[/Update]

Blog with new style from June 2010

The theme uses CSS3 for all shadows (specifically, text-shadow and box-shadow is used.) This keeps the load time pretty low and still provides some very nice effects. The menu uses the :last-child selector, and thus does not work with Internet Explorers before IE9. Overall, it's a pretty tiny theme, as I finally got round to create it as a child theme instead of rebuilding most from scratch. The parent theme used here is twentyten (Wordpress 3.0 default.)