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Leaving the Côte d'Azur

It's time to leave, this week, my time at INRIA has come to an end, and I'm leaving the south of France to exchange it with the cold winter in Germany. I've been here now for six months to finish my studies, and I'll be hopefully able to write about the results soon - at the moment, we're working on the paper.

The next three-four weeks are going to be quite busy for me, as I also have to write up the results for my diploma thesis which is unfortunately expected to be longer than a standard paper ;) Moreover, I have to tidy up a few loose ends regarding my studies, so I can properly graduate. The net result of all this stuff is that I might not be able to blog as regularly as I did the last few weeks, as my backlog is currently completely empty, and even though I have quite some stuff in the pipeline, none of it is ready for publishing. One thing which is definitely ready will be out by December this year - stay tuned for more details on this.