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New MechWarrior game incoming

I had seriously lost all hope that we would ever see a MechWarrior game again, but it seems I have been proven wrong: MechWarrior (5) is in the making! And it really looks to be a real MechWarrior title, with heat management, proper cockpit view, and not an arcade style shooter like MechWarrior 4. Really looking forward to this one! Especially as there are two more serious games for infantry combat (Arma2, Flashpoint2), it seems that the market is ready for a simulation-heavy MechWarrior.

My only worry is how close to the universe this will be, 3015 seems a bit early for seeing an Atlas in battle, isn't it? Plus I'd really like to fight with a good ol' Timberwolf (Mad Cat), even though the reliability was always bad ;)

[Update] Seems the Atlas is indeed used way before 3015. According to Gamestar, the player will fight House Kurita, which is a nice change after all this clan bashing in MW 2-4 ;).