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Enjoy the ride

Sounds like the new slogan of a car maker, but this post is about the beautiful song by Morcheeba named "Enjoy the ride", from the album "Deep Dive". While I have mixed feelings about the album, I'm absolutely astonished by the song "Enjoy the ride", which is also the opener of the album.

First and foremost, the lyrics are incredibly good. Even if you just read them, you can feel the emotions and the hopeful message in them. It's not a funny song, nor one with a happy background, but it's surely about hope, and making the best of the life.

Second, it's perfectly executed. The instruments and the voice fit perfectly into the mood, and together with the lyrics you can close your eyes and go on a real deep dive while listening to the song. The instruments are never intrusive, and there is nothing which interrupts the flow of this song.

A great moment is halfway through it, when the vocals set out for a moment, and you can hear the pure melody. After that, you get caught by the melancholic voice again, exactly at the right moment.

You should try to listen to the music first, and watch the movie clip afterwards, as it's equally superb and you'll have a hard time not to think about it when listening to the music again. So for the best experience, try the music alone first, and watch the clip later, and you'll be rewarded twice for it.

Regarding the rest of the album, it also has a few highlights: "Run honey run" is a really great, especially the lyrics, "Gained the world" is close to "Enjoy the ride", and beautifully sung, and finally there is "Au-delà". Compared to these, the other songs seem to have gotten less polishing. They are all very different, and they all manage to set up a mood, by for me they lack this special kick that makes "Enjoy the ride" not merely good, but an amazing piece of music.

So, stop searching for good music, just enjoy the ride!