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Regular posting schedule

A short behind-the-scenes look at blogging. I know that the key for a successful blog is a more or less reliable post schedule. As you can well see, I'm quite far away from that :) While I was trying to get one running at one point, with one blog post per week, I have quickly abandoned this again, because the main reason for running this blog is to write when there is something to write about, and this is more complicated than it sounds.

For quite a few topics, I want to write about, but I don't have the time right now to cover the topics with sufficient detail. For example, I would love to write a longer article on SSE optimization, but I estimate that it will probably take me around one work day to prepare it -- time which I don't have at the moment.

The other things are topics which are interesting, but where I don't feel like I should already blog, because my knowledge in that particular area is not big enough. For example, a topic here would be triangle rasterization. While I have written a few rasterizers so far, I consider none of them good enough to write a good blog post which covers the topic adequately.

What I have in the pipe now are a few posts, which I hope to push out in May -- about stuff I'm currently working with, and about the life as a developer in general. This is something I increasingly start to care about, how the life of a developer is supposed to be. What are the things we should strive to achieve? How can we make sure that we love what we do? Things like these are becoming more important, as I meet more and more developers, and unfortunately I didn't have the chance yet to meet someone who has answers for these questions, like Carmack. (Note: Well, I did meet someone who must know it as well -- Matt Pharr. I didn't have too much time to speak with him though, but he surely is also one of the programming heroes).

So stay tuned, and if you want to read about a specific topic, feel free to drop me a line! I'm also happy to hear your feedback.