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Movies and cars

Just went to the cinema, and there it was again: Movie hero drives a fast sports car, and shifts gears like mad -- though he has an automatic transmission on board. What the hell does he do? Comfort, sport, comfort, eco, sport or what? I mean, cars like an Audi A8 W12 come only with automatic transmission, for good reason, and then the movie makers still believe it's much more dynamic or what if the driver switches between the automatic transmission modes while evading other cars at 200 km/h. Plus, if the gear changes, you should hear that the engine sound changes as well - that's also kinda hard to understand for them.

Second part is about car performance, if the police is driving a ordinary car with let's say 200 PS, and the movie hero has like 600+ PS, there is nothing to chase for the police when he can accelerate freely. Accelerating with 600 PS is more like teleporting away. In Ronin, it was depicted kinda properly, that's why I like that movie, but in the last bond for example, he could barely escape an Alfa Romeo with an Aston Martin. Come on, that's 3x the horsepower, a much better chassis, better breakes and tires, there is no way the Alfa can catch up with the Aston if both accelerate with full power.