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Back, catching up

I've been totally cut off for the last two weeks (no internet access at all; the posts you saw were pre-recorded), and quite a lot happened in these two weeks. Coming back, I've found:

  • A new version of AnkhSVN
  • CMake 2.6.2 is out, fixing a nasty bug with Eclipse projects
  • Firefox went to 3.0.3 from 3.0.1
  • Thunderbird was upgraded to
  • Sunbird was upgraded to 0.9, bringing quite a few changes
  • Expression Media SP1 came out
  • A new nVidia driver

I mean, this was two weeks, not two months -- looking back, it's amazing to see at what pace the industry is moving sometimes. For more "on-the-topic" blog posts, I'll hope to have a new blog post ready for the next week. If you have a special wish what to post about (graphics related, C#/WPF development & C++ preferred), just drop me a line.