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I found a reason

Well, funny post title, but it fits in two respects: Finally I found a reason to post again, and the reason is the song "I found a reason" from Cat Power. It was quite a long time since I recommended a song, but this one surely deserves it. A very simple song, with just the piano in the background, and yet so powerful. I'm listening to it since more than a year from time to time, and each time, it makes me shiver.

What comes is better than what came before

This song is sad, with Cat Power's voice sounding fragile and a bit lost, yet it gives hope. It's also very short, with simple lyrics, but it's a real gem which you should have heard at least once. It has been also used in "V for Vendetta", if you watch the movie, just at the end when Eve comes back to V to dance before she leaves after he has tortured her, he's playing it from his jukebox (if I remember correctly, quite some time since I watched the movie the last time). Stay tuned for more posts in this section, as I'm busy buying music recently again. Currently, I tune in to "Enjoy the ride" from Morcheeba's new album "Dive Deep", but I'm not sure yet whether to recommend it -- gotta play it for some time first.

[Update] "I found a reason" was played at a different scene.