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Setting up a minimal Debian for VM use

I've been just installing a Linux in a VM again (using VirtualBox, tested with 1.5.6). As a minimal system, I choose Debian (with minimal I mean that you don't get much unused stuff, it boots fast and the disk usage is reasonable. I know that DSL or whatever would be smaller, this is just about getting a decent work system up and running quickly). Here's a small howto:

  1. Get the Debian Net-Installer from (180 MiB)
  2. Install debian, when it comes to package setup deselect "Desktop system"
  3. After reboot, install (using apt-get install):

    • x-window-system-core
    • kde-core
    • kdm
    • g++
  4. Reboot

  5. Install the VM additions, but install the kernel headers first using: apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`
  6. Reboot, notice that the network doesn't seem to work any longer
  7. Run dhcpd (as root)

Done. This gives you a quite small debian installation which works fine and uses really little disk space (1.10 GiB including the swap-file).

[Update] dhcpd has to be run as root in case no network connection is found.