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Building OpenEXR 1.4.0a on Vista/VS2008

Some notes for building OpenEXR 1.4.0a on Vista with VS2008:

  • createDLL won't work as it tries to create files in C:\. You can easily work around this by replacing C:\\ with a path where you have write rights.
  • FLTK include files have to be directly in the fltk folder. The fltk folder needs to be placed side-by-side to the OpenEXR folder.
  • Using multi-threaded building won't wont, so make sure you either batch-build or set your "maximum number of parallel project builds" to 1.

Observing this and the readme notes, I was able to successfully compile all but the exrdisplay with Cg support, which is no wonder as I don't have Cg installed.