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Don't leave home

I'm still music addicted, but I didn't come around to post something in my music category for quite some time now. Here we go, with another "must-have-heard" song from one of the best artists I ever had the chance to see: Dido, with her incredible song "Don't leave home" from here album "Life for Rent". I'm pretty sure you have heard it already, as it was a quite successful. As every Dido fan knows, it is not a song about love, but about addiction, but feel free to interpret it in your own way. What you should do is watch the video, it is really wonderful. Just make sure it's silent while listening to this song and try to listen to the lyrics and think into a situation where someone is in need, and this song gets a really deeper meaning. It's a song that cheers me up every time I hear it, and even after having heard it a lot of times, I'm still fascinated by this melancholic, yet hopeful song... "So close the blinds and shut the door / you won't need other friends anymore".