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nVidia drivers for Vista ...

In the hope that a bit more bashing on nVidia will speed up the development of those damn drivers ... Just after the Vista launch, the nVidia drivers were really crappy and they promised to switch to a monthly release schedule (just like ATI did). Today, they forgot that and promise new drivers "soon", no word about monthly releases any more.

I'm not going to give you an exact timeframe, but it's going to be very soon.

Err, yeah, really ... You know, I have approx. 50% of the performance I had with XP. No deal, hey, it's a new OS and drivers do take time. However, I hate it when people cannot estimate when they will ship a better driver and say how their roadmap looks like. After all, they have to know what they are working on, so go ahead and tell the people. And if something is not going to be fixed, be honest and say that, too! At least their 100.65 drivers made the card usable again (my FPS in HL2 sky-rocketed from 1 fps to 30), but there are still a lot of performance bugs to be resolved (on the other hand, ATI's driver which used to be total crap on my notebook works flawlessly on Vista with basically on-par performance compared to XP). Same applies to Creative Labs, but their driver support has been ... less than stellar back in the XP days and has not become an iota better with Vista.