Working on ...

... some stuff with OpenMP - as soon as I have some more experience with it I'll blog about it here. VPlan is more or less ready for release and just waiting (hope to get it done during the next week). Some rather scary homework is still waiting untouched; and my maths homework is pleading for a second and third look. Moreover, I'm reading a big pile of books and trying some new things in C++ which actually deserve an own post on their own. In case you did not notice it yet - I'm busy as usual :) Short side note, I've got some brand new music from Christina Aguilera (Back to basics - a few astonishing songs there), Faithless (Forever faithless - "I can't get no sleep") and Pink (I'm not dead - yeah, absolutely). I can recommend each of those, but if you have to choose one, try "Forever faithless" - you won't regret it (as long as you have a decent subwoofer).


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