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GeForce 8800 out today

Today, the new Geforce 8800 cards should be presented to the public. Seems they are quite a bit faster than the 7950GX2 which means they're a really huge step forward as they sport a completely new architecture: 128 scalar-ALUs, totally unified and assigned to either pixel, vertex or geometry shading. Moreover, the new 8800 cards have near-ideal anisotropic filtering. The NDAs end 8th of November, so benchmarks and specifications should crop up during the day. Another interesting fact, seems the new cards were in development since 2002 and unified from the beginning, and they were the reference platform for the DirectX10 development. Yeah, I know, I'm a bit biased towards nVidia because of their OpenGL support but this time even the ATI fanboys have to admit that nVidia has done everything right.