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RAID your shelter

Today, I'm moving over to a RAID-1 (mirror) protected system. I hope I'll have the disk copy done by tomorrow, at the moment, my RAID controller is still creating the RAID. When it's done, I'm gonna continue my work on the next Shelter13 homepage. Finally, after a long time, Shelter13 is moving to a new home. The new home for Shelter13 Networks will be driven by my custom web framework (F13) and featured by some really nice graphics. Without saying too much, I can promise you that you'll be finally able to see how the Shelter 13 really looks like. I hope to be able to finish off the front page graphics during this week (will be around 3k x 2k large) and start with the page development next week. The same system I'm going to use at will be then backported to PHP4 and used on the RenderMan Academy homepage.