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Getting on

Finally got some time to continue my work on the bugtracker. I'm trying to finish off some of the larger parts before I have to leave for a week, so a friend of mine can take over development without having to fix stuff that I've broken.


I've started adding documentation that can be parsed by PHP Documentor. Too bad I didn't start with proper documentation from the beginning, now, it took me around 4 hours just to document the core stuff in the API :( Next time, I'm gonna add high-level documentation from the beginning. Though I had lots of comments scattered inside functions, comments that describe what a function is supposed to do are really priceless when you want to enable other people to understand your code.


This week, I played and finished Star Wars:Republic Commando. Pretty boring, bad graphics and it took me just 5 hours to finish it (without cheating or a walkthrough). Just another FPS shooter without a story and any real highlight in the game. Wondering why publishers still release such games, I doubt that if I would have made the same game with a few friend I could find a publisher who would like it. Anyway, in the last few years, there have been very few FPS I really liked to play. Most of them are either graphics demos or plain shoot`em`ups, without any kind of story or let alone an environment that sucks you in (a great exception to this rule is Doom³, scary). Let's see what the future will bring, for now, I'll stick to my Quake3 and CS:S, old, but excellent game design :)