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Code review and new rig incoming

Today, I started browsing the source code more closely, looking at what class was supposed to do. Good that we've been writing a TDD and loads of comments back in those days ;) I also sorted out a compile error today, seems that some windows include file defined min, max. This lead to a problem with the Math::min, Math::max template functions. Wondering where those defines came from, as the initial check compiled fine. Some happy news: My new rig is nearly complete. Got the CPU and RAM today, only parts missing are the graphics card, the mainboard and - for strange reasons - the DVD drive. Hope to get it till the end of the month, and then, it's time to LAN :) In case anyone wonders what kind of rig I'm waiting for ...

  • Athlon64 3500 - 90nm
  • nForce4 Ultra Mainboard
  • 2 Gb DDR400 RAM - Dual channel
  • 6800 GT PCI-Express - Overclocked, 256 MB RAM
  • 160 Gb S-ATA HDD with NCQ
  • Audigy2 Soundcard - THX, Dolby Digital, DTS, EAX Advanced HD, pretty much everything
  • DVD drive, 450 W PSU :) and a black Miditower

... pretty much the biggest upgrade I ever did, and quite a huge leap from my current 2000+XP/1 Gb RAM/5900XT system. When I get it up & running, I'll post some photos of it here.