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Bug tracking

Today, I investigated several bug trackers, looking for one that would suit me well. I've looked at:

  • BugZilla! - The open source market leader, used by hundreds of companies. Uses Perl, has many dependencies and supports only MySQL as the database backend. As MySQL is not completely free anymore, and I don't want to risk any problems later, this is a not an option for me.
  • Mantis - Running on PHP, but again, MySQL as the only backend. And it is not optimized, a quick look at the demo shows that it needs to perform around 800 queries just for the front page, too slow for me.
  • phpBugTracker - Also based on PHP, but the installation failed on my machine. Posted in their forum, now only time will tell.
  • Trac - Written in Python, based on SQLite, looked like the ideal solution. But: The page is down, and though I managed to get a build from the ftp, it is still all very buggy, the documentation is outdated (couldn't find the tools described there). Together with the non-working page, I think this is not safe to invest too much time into this.

Not sure what bug-tracking solution I'll take eventually, at the moment, I'm hoping for phpBugTracker.