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Some random thoughts

This is the first "real" post, that is the first one that is not meant to test the blog :-). At the moment, I see two choices, both intersting, but I can't really say what I will choose today, will have to sleep a night over it. The two alternatives are:

  • Start off my own company and write an innovative web application. While this choice has some commercial potential in it, I tend to believe the marketing and such might be the main problem, plus it is doubtful I'll be able to continue work (especially support) on it after I start my studies again.
  • Resurrect my 3D engine and start again with realtime 3D stuff. This is what my heart tells me to do... No profit in sight, though.

One way will give me money and hard work, the other will give me hard work and satisfaction. As I said, some thinking will be necessary before I can decide - and as this decision will have long term consequences, it has to be done with special care.